Making bridges for youth employment and entrepreneurship

# 30/06/2011
Making bridges for youth employment and entrepreneurship

SALTO-YOUTH contributes to young people's chances on the labour market. Besides organising Bridges to Work, an inspirational and practical networking conference (October, Antwerp), we also support the Youth Forum's initiative on improving internships for young people - an important step towards a job.

Participate in Bridges to Work - information below or - deadline 1 August 2011. Reply to the YFJ Internship Survey at - before 7 July 2011.

Fill in the Survey to raise the quality of Internships

European Youth Forum ( is taking initiative to improve the situation of internships in Europe. Internships should provide a learning experience for young people to facilitate successful integration into the labour market. Internships should not serve as precarious employment for young people or tasks that do not contribute to professional development. Fill out and distribute the survey (in English) to identify the scope of the problems surrounding internships and help advocate a more beneficial internship experience and transition from education to employment for young people. The Youth Forum is also working on a European Quality Charter for Internships.