"Climate, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan", Bangladesh

# 18/06/2011
"Climate, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan", Bangladesh

We are glad to invite you to join "Climate, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan" in Bangladesh at November 2011.

Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha is the host of the Caravan. Please visit details information on Caravan in our website: www.krishok.org.

We are also requesting to you to spread this invitation to your other friends that they can join to the Caravan. If you have any question and need any more information please write to us, you can visit FAQ in our website too. Is it possible to advertise about Caravan in your website or blog? If possible it will be really good for us. If you are in facebook please like our facebook page and make an event on our caravan and send to all your facebook friends. Our facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Climate-Caravan-November-2011-Bangladesh/189574114425684  We are in blog too; you can send any comments to us: http://bkf-bks.blogspot.com/ We want to inform more people about our caravan especially people of wealthy/industrialized/northern countries. Hope you will help us.

Best regards Pathak