9th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations (YA)

# 12/06/2011
9th Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations (YA)

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation announces that registration for its Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations™ (YA, www.faf.org) is nearly full and closing without anticipated extension on June 15.  The YA is one of the largest, public youth gatherings on the UN's annual calendar and will bring together 600 youth leaders (16-24) from around the world and involve them in the achievement of the 8 U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Youth Assembly delegates learn ways to identify viable approaches to MDG success – the corner stone of the UNs better world approach to improving the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Youth delegates hear from global leaders, youth achievers and UN staff, receive practical help on how to start NGOs and how to administer ormanage campaigns. They develop networks that identify existing work by governments, the UN, or civil society at home and abroad. Delegates also discuss implications for social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility on MDG success.

“If you saw the impact you have had on the youth (and young at heart) attending the Assembly you wouldhave to shade your eyes from the brightness of hope. We applaud you for your good work.” – Paulette Schatz, UNDP Kabul-Afghanistan

The YA has also been called: “The most amazing networking experience anywhere!” by youth delegates - YA events @ the UN are free after registration acceptance